Blueberry Bath Bomb

Blueberry Bath Bomb


Uplifting citruis-scented bath bomb made with sweet orange essential oil.

Blueberry is one of our most beloved and popular bath bombs that will calm redness & irritation in the skin. 

Available at most Sobeys in Atlantic Canada, if it is not, ask your local Sobeys to order this item if you would like to pick it up locally in your area.

Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop bath bomb in and enjoy the natural aromas & botanicals.

  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Handpicked Blueberries
  • Hydrating
  • Combats Redness
  • Soothes Irritation
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Vitis vinifera, Vaccinium Myrillus Fruit, Citrus sinensis

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