Aurora Borealé Travel Kit (for dry or dehydrated skin)

$115.00 $159.00

A kit designed for the on the go person who needs extra hydration to lock in moisture. This kit includes 5 of our best selling items. Most clients buy a large Rooibos Tea Cleasner for home use and replenish the kit as they need to. All other items are full size, there is NO WATER in any of our skincare creams and cleansers. They are highly concentrated and you use very little per use. 

Labrador Tea Day Creme 15ml 

Rooibos Tea Cleanser  

Face Masque: Land & Sea Exfoliant, Blueberry Bliss Face Masque or Sea Veggie Face Masque. Depending on what's available. 

Labrador Tea Night Creme 

Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub 


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