Our Story

Indigena was born from our Founder's desire to provide an exceptional experience with skincare. Indigena uses indigenous ingredients from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's eastern most province and one of the world's last most remote and clean eco systems.

Nature's Ingredients

Indigena's Research and Development team and collaborators have identified antioxidant rich plants whose compounds work effectively on age prevention, acne and sensitive skin problems. Solutions from nature scientifically formulated to capture nature's essences to solve your most stubborn skin problems.

Feel the difference that indigenous Boreal extracts and North Atlantic sea botanicals have on the skin. Innovation is our #1 ingredient.

Lisa Walsh Indigena Skincare

Lisa Walsh, CEO

B.A.,B.Ed, Aesthetician, Beauty Expert and Nature Lover

Lisa dedicates much of her time to Indigena. This includes anything from, working closely with Indigena’s research team, to foraging Newfoundland's land and sea for plants that contribute to Indigena’s unique formulations. You will also find her at the Battle Harbour Wash House Spa on select dates throughout the summer season.