Skin Cares Initiative

Now is the time to help others. The strong deserving women of all ages and ethnicities in our province continue to do what they do best - loving their families and providing forthem. I want to pay it forward and I am asking you to help me ... which I have rarely done inmy life.This is way bigger than one company or person. I want to share the resources I have withIndigena so we can send a message to women who may not feel as much love as theyshould. The long hours of working through this pandemic is taking its toll and if we canhelp our neighbour, friend, student, or a family member we need to step up!Buy One – Give OneHere is what I am proposing: Buy One - Give One!I have created this Campaign so that we can provide truly healing beauty products to thosewho are so busy looking after others they have probably forgotten about themselves in theprocess.

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