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2020 - What We Learned.
With your help we donated over $10,000 of our healing beauty products to Stella's Circle! The Skin Cares Campaign was a good way to give back to women in our community who deserve truly natural skincare, healing beauty made right here in Topsail. From our hands to your sweet faces thank you to our customers, you embraced this initiative, without you we could not have donated as much. 

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Sanitizers, Apples and Oranges.

In this new world of sanitation we decided to take the initiative and make a soothing aloe based sanitizer that does not have the regular ingredient list on mass produced or recent distillery produced sanitizers. Why? Over 70% of the population in NL has Celtic genetically sensitive skin.  We are the premiere healthy sanitizer formula in Eastern Canada and so proud to be able to help all our customers stay safe and love their new little long-lasting sanitizer in its pretty packaging.

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Kindness is Contagious

"Be kind", those 2 little words can bring so much peace to the world right now. I see so many people doing so many beautiful things to help others it truly touches my heart. I am so looking forward to working soon with the best team ever who always are a pleasure to work with. They are smart, friendly, happy and helpful young women and I miss them so much. 
the happy days working together is amazing. They embody “kindness” on every level 🙂💞🙂 here on the Rock kindness is contagious, always has been and always will be. 


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